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HDI's very own Sr. Analyst Roy Atkinson Coming to Atlanta!
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Level 0.5: How Cognitive Systems Can Benefit Support

Automation, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and machine learning—the buzz is everywhere. There is little doubt that more automation is coming to the world of technical support, but how and when? In this interactive presentation, Roy Atkinson will talk about the opportunity for support to provide better and faster outcomes for the customer in a world that likes self-service and is increasingly familiar with automated assistance.

  • How automation and self-service can go together
  • How to improve self-service whether you are ready to automate or not
  • What this means for the structure of the support center
  • Where we are now, and what the future might hold

Congratulations to Atlanta's Ben Cervantes for winning HDI Southeast Analyst of the Year!

Atlanta AoY 2017

HDI Southeast Analyst of the Year
Ben Cervantes - NGHS
Ben will be representing HDI Atlanta at HDI 2017 to compete for National HDI Analyst of the Year!